The following are the people that support us in bringing the best quality food to our table and yours….

Vendors we use:

Scratch and Peck in Bellingham:  (for organic chicken feed):

Buchanan Cellars in McMinnville: (for alfalfa)

Concentrates, INC, in Milwaukie:  (for organic feeds and fertilizers):

Naomi’s in SE Portland:  (for veggie seed, chicken feed):

Ben’s Custom Meats: (our personal mobile butcher):

Rocking Bar-B Ranch in Gaston: (for our own household meat):

Breeders we use:

Christine Sumerlin, in Tillamook:

Charleston Farm, in Newberg

Our Vendors:

Food Hub, of Ecotrust, online:

Chehalem Flats Farm Market:

Our Mentors:

Annie at Dolce Farm, in Newberg:

Bacon Bits N’ Friends, a Newberg 4H Club that our kids are involved in:

Charleston Farm, in Newberg


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