Eggs For Sale!

I got my first customer today–traded her a dozen eggs for a pound of her Newberg-grown home-roasted hazelnuts. In November and December, only four of my hens were laying, but now they are all laying, and I get about six eggs a day!  This is way more than we can eat, so I’ve started to make up flyers and business cards to pass out to folks in Newberg.  Since I drive there every weekday to take the kids to school, I figure I can deliver eggs to folks who live in the area I drive through.

It was really fun for me to shine up the eggs and place them in the carton.  We have brown, blue and white eggs, with blue being the majority, so it is a colorful cartonful! Here are the five I just collected…


Just now, my hens are enjoying their free-range access to the back pasture where they are enjoying sunbathing and grassmunching free of dog barking, since the dogs are asleep on my bed.


Jimmy is out filling my future garden beds with bedding from the stables….



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