Family Photos

We had some good light today so I thought I’d take some pics of the animals…


Here’s our firstborn, Dela, with her “Mamacita”



Next oldest are these twins that Taj named, Makana and Shaun. Total hams.



Here they are with their mom, Tahdi.



And the next oldest are Mason’s “Jayden” and her twin brother, seen here with their “Mamita”



Stormy’s kiddos were shy with the camera today, but here they are in the icy front pasture with mama and her muddy knees.


I didn’t get a shot of the baby (who Bailey claimed as his 4H lamb today!), because her mom is still a little freaked out, but I did get some cute shots of our sheep that are in the Western Pasture….


Our ram, Mason



Julieta, our only unshorn girl, with the llamas



Tinkerbell, formerly our “baby”



…and my sweet tame Clover, the only one who doesn’t mind closeups!

The other gals, Miki and Stella, are in lambing pens in the barn, getting ready for delivery!


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