Time for a Party!

It didn’t feel like time for a party when Kim sent me a message on Facebook asking if she could host her sister-in-law’s 40th surprise birthday party at the ranch.  I had just taken out my old appliances from kitchen to front yard for Habitat for Humanity to pick up, and they had rejected a few of them, which were starting to get rained on.  My ugly kitchen pergo flooring was half-pulled up, I didn’t have a kitchen counter or a sink… the list goes on.

Kim promised that her party would stay outdoors. When she came to look the farm over, there was a torrential downpour, but she was convinced that the venue would be great. She had originally planned it to happen at her grandma’s farm, down the road from us, but grandma’s tenants were in the middle of grape harvest, and it was just a week before the party.

The day of the party, it was not only dumping rain, but the wind was whipping around too.  We decided it had to be in the barn, and Kim rallied all of her friends and family to come and help set up a tent in case the barn didn’t hold everyone.  The tent held, and the party was a smash!  The band leader played fiddle as she called square dancing rounds, and the cowboy and cowgirl costumes were hilarious. The guests didn’t get to enjoy our view at all, due to the horrible weather, but it was an amazingly memorable time and it made me want to host more parties!  Next summer for sure!


Square Dancing in the Barn


Rope the Birthday Girl Game


Quite a turn out!

Thank you, Kim, for choosing us to host your party, and for showing me how effortless being a hostess can be, even with a major remodeling project underway!