Mason #2

We met the Charlton family at the Yamhill County fair about a month ago now. They live on Rex Hill in Newberg, and they are a multi-generational sheep-loving family who just happen to have the same, rather rare, kind of sheep that we have. When we met them we didn’t have any sheep of course, and didn’t know where our sheep would come from–they were the first breeders we met in person who even might have some for sale.

When we caught up with them last week, David told us that he couldn’t get Violet, his grand-daughter, who goes to school with our boys, to decide which ewe to part with (she works with all of the sheep in 4-H and so they are her best friends) but they did agree that they could part with one of their two rams.  That was good news–we needed a good ram.


The Charlton Farm Hen House

This last Saturday we went up to their beautiful farm to meet the rams.  Our boys, Mason and Bailey, were most enamored with the giant Yorkie, Woodie, but they were also amused to find that one of the rams for sale was named Mason!  It was between Mason and Wild Man, and Wild Man had a gigantic head!  We really liked the looks of Mason, and David wanted to keep Wild Man, so it was easy for us all to come to a decision.

We went back on Tuesday of this week and picked Mason up. My daughter and I searched for the resident peacock while Jimmy got the registration papers.  “They say a ram is 50% of your flock” is a phrase we’ve heard a lot these days, so we were sure to get the registration documents. Here’s Jimmy with Dave and Roberta, looking them over….



My girl with Trixie the dog, and a gaggle of geese behind her.

And here’s Mason #2, looking very much at home, just minutes after we released him into our pasture (none of our collars were big enough for his enormous neck!)….



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