Llamas too? Who knew!

I really can’t believe that we have gotten eleven sheep in the past week, let alone buying two animals that are about three times my size! But we happened to meet a couple through my work that are going out of the sheep business, and besides selling us lots of harnesses, leads, water troughs, buckets and lambing pens, they talked us into taking a steal of a deal on their two guard llamas, Dabby and Darby.

Last night we headed down to Dallas to “RVB Ranch” where our friends Bruce and Sherie snapped some leads on their llamas and walked them right up into our horse trailer. “These two work as a team,” Sherie says, and they are really good at herding up the sheep in times of crisis, as well as scaring off any coyotes that come along. So we are very grateful for their generous offer–they practically gave the sweeties to us.

And…. (drumroll….)  Here they are!


So far they’ve been laying in the sun and snacking on our apple tree. They seem pretty happy to be here!


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