Wading Through All the ADVICE!

Oh my goodness, have we met the most amazing people on this adventure, even just a month into it. We have sheep breeding friends all over Oregon suddenly, and they all have loads of advice.  We have been told by many that we should get a guard animal, and some have said that they are useless, some say that we should get this or that kind of feed, a fence this high or that high, that we should treat for worms many different ways, and so on and so on.  

We finally did decide that we would buy two llamas who have proven to be excellent guards for our new friends Bruce and Sherie in Dallas and their sheep that they have just sold. The hardest decision for me has been when to put Tink in with the “rough girls” from Yelm. I’ve heard that when new sheep are introduced to a herd, they can get abused, and Tink is our youngest, smallest and meekest ewe. We decided that we will wait a few more days until the llamas arrive, in hopes that they will be protective cowboys in this rodeo that is taking place outside our windows! 

I hope you will pray for me and my decisions as we try to make wise choices and keep our flock safe. I’m pretty attached to them already–especially Clover and Tink, who let me pet them and who talk to me all the time whenever I’m anywhere outside. Here they are, Tink looking over at the other sheep, longingly…



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