Clover and Tink Arrive

On Friday, Jimmy and the boys and I piled into the truck, hauling a huge horse trailer to go to find our first two sheep in Tillamook, at Sumerlin Dorper Farm.  The shepherdess, Christine has a wonderful blog that we’ve been following, and it happened that she had a ewe and a ewe lamb for sale!

Christine, Willie and Larry live right near the Tillamook County Fairgrounds on a beautiful park like farm.


Their sheep live mostly in a daylight barn and are very tame.  Here is Willie and Jimmy taking Tink out of the only home she’s known, as Larry and Bailey watch.

All of Christine’s sheep are lovingly named and are cuddled and spoken to as much as their little Yorkie pup, Daisy.

Clover is a polite year old ewe who had no trouble with Jimmy putting a harness on her.  Tinkerbell is only four months old and much more bashful.  They stayed close together all through the trip and in our barn as they arrived.  Here they are in our barn!



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