A Trip to Two Feathers Ranch in Yelm

On Sunday, Jimmy and I headed up to Yelm to get the flock that we’d already put a deposit on–eight girls that had been saved out of a flock of 100 or so Dorpers at Two Feathers Ranch, a “serious ranching operation.”  Roy and his wife have been selling most of their sheep over the past year as she and Roy are both having health problems, and these were the ones that they were least willing to part with. Roy wanted us to buy his only remaining ram too, but we wanted a ram that was unrelated to the girls.

Here’s Roy’s Ranch, as seen from the first of many gates!


Looks pretty bucolic, I know, but Roy is an old fashioned rancher that doesn’t spend unnecessary time with his sheep, so our new girls are pretty skittish.  He rounded them up into a small pen next to a barn, and then into a chute, by whistling and waving his arms.  They seemed terrified of him!

Here they are before he put them through the chute.  They were probably expecting to be given shots or to get shorn….


Roy thought we were absolutely nuts when we said we were going to put collars on the sheep, but we don’t have an expensive chute system or a shearing cage. We need to wrangle ours by hand! We also hope that the kids end up working with them in 4H, so it’s good to get them collar trained for that too.


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