About our Ranch

We are a small-scale, family-run ranch located in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, between Forest Grove and Newberg, just off of Highway 47. We are just South of the town of Gaston.  We have five family-member-partners on the ranch: Jim, Katie, and their three teenaged kids.

We raise fresh lamb from ewes that are 100% pastured and free from antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).  Our sheep eat only fresh green grass, hay from a neighbor’s farm in wintertime, and protein-rich alfalfa grass pellets before and after lambing.  Our lambs are weaned after three months of age and are then given hay or pasture depending on the time of year, and a GMO-free pelleted lamb feed that is half local alfalfa grass, one quarter organic corn and one quarter local oats. They are vaccinated, but they are not given any other medication or antibiotics. Our sheep are a unique breed of hair sheep, bred for the excellent, mild taste of their meat rather than for fiber. We prefer to get lamb to our customers straight from the butcher, for superior freshness.


In the fall of 2013 we brought laying hens onto the ranch, to range freely in the pastures that have already been grazed by the sheep. They have a diet of fresh green grass and protein rich dandelions, all-organic food scraps from the garden and the table, and “Scratch and Peck” feed from Bellingham Washington, which is not only free of GMO grain, but also free of soy and corn products which can be cross pollinated with GMO crops. Their eggs are as rich and nutritious as can be, so we have a wait list for our delivered eggs.


We also specialize in rare berries.  Come June, we will have plenty of Gooseberries and Currants, as well as a cross of the two, called Jostaberry. We also have Blueberries from July through August.

Our stone fruits are limited to red and yellow Italian Prunes at the moment, but stay tuned for peaches and cherries to come in future seasons. Our son Bailey makes a delicious prune sauce–another item that may come up for sale in future summers!

We are open to hosting weddings and other parties occasionally on the ranch, especially for our regular customers.  We have a nice tree-lined “bowl” in one sloped pasture that is a nice place to hold a concert or ceremony. Please email mamamoss@hushmail.com to inquire about the ranch as a possible venue for your event.



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